On-The-Ground Coaching

We provide coaching for individual teachers as well as school leaders looking to improve their instruction for English Learners.  This work begins with professional development workshops, where educators of all kinds learn key strategies for designing and implementing effective curriculum for ELs.  In order to maximize the impact of these workshops, a member of the ElevatED Learning Services team subsequently works with a small number of teachers in adapting curriculum to help them incorporate what they have learned into their own instruction, as well as to develop a longer-term action plan for moving forward.  Coaching also entails observing teachers in action in the classroom and providing feedback to them on the implementation of new strategies and activities. We conduct needs-assessments and feedback for leaders as well, after having participated in co-observations of multiple classes together to discuss patterns noted and determine the most high-leverage moves for supporting teachers in better serving their EL students.

Our ultimate goal in coaching is to build capacity at the school level so that eventually our coaching services are no longer needed.  We work to identify strengths in EL instruction at a particular school and support the faculty and administration most invested in that work to be more knowledgeable and confident in developing, scaffolding, and implementing curriculum that meets ELs where they are and elevates them to new heights.  We also empower educators to be able to articulate these concepts and strategies to their colleagues as well, ensuring that change at the school comes from within.