ElevatED Learning Services is dedicated to providing professional development to educators of English Learners. Specializing in the areas of collaborative learning, language and content integration and scaffolding, we provide an array of professional development workshops, coaching, and curricular support in which teachers gain new knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for designing and implementing rigorous curricula for English Learners. 

While many professional development workshops rely on lecture and PowerPoint presentations as the main vehicles for delivering information, ElevatED Learning Services workshops afford participants the chance to learn experientially, by actually engaging in the strategies and structures they are learning about.  Participants also reach new understandings through in-depth discussions and analysis of curricular samples and models of student work.  Each workshop allows participants multiple opportunities to rehearse the application of new skills, knowledge, and tools with their colleagues before being asked to do so independently for curricula they will use in their own classrooms. 

We believe that all students, regardless of their level of English proficiency and academic preparation, can engage in higher-order thinking and learn grade-level concepts as long as they have the right support, scaffolding, and instruction.  We break down the “how to” of project-based learning for students at various levels by engaging teachers with the many different types of supports available, opportunities for “seeing” instruction through their students’ eyes, and strategies that help them anticipate what might be challenging and confusing for their students.