We strive to meet our clients where they are and customize every workshop and professional development activity to the context in which we are working. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what some educators who have worked with us have said:

"Turning research on the education of emergent bilinguals into meaningful professional development activities for teachers is not easy. I have seen this team develop highly engaging interactive workshop activities that are based on academic research very successfully. For years, Daria Witt supported the work of CUNY-NYSIEB as we developed pedagogical practices based on translanguaging for ESL/ENL and bilingual teachers of all levels – from early childhood to higher education. Daria was able to turn difficult academic concepts into practice that teachers valued. This team knows schools, knows students, knows communities, knows policy, and especially knows how to work with teachers. You will find very few others with their commitment to improve the education of emergent bilinguals and the practical set of skills on how to do it."

Ofelia Garcia, Professor, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and author of The Translanguaging Classroom: Leveraging Student Bilingualism for Learning and The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society

"As the brains behind ElevatED Learning Services, Daria Witt and Michael Soet both have an unmatched wealth of expertise in multilingual education. Daria Witt’s depth of knowledge in curriculum development, instruction, and adult learning makes her a gem of a resource. Her intellect, extraordinary skill, and dedication shows her deep commitment to creating meaningful learning experiences for students who are new to learning English. 

Michael Soet is, in my opinion, one of the rare school principals who can both understand the complexities of leading instructional change in a school and also create hands-on and engaging learning experiences for teachers. He has a keen instinct into how to structure learning for teachers so that they can take complex theory and translate it into designing powerful instruction for immigrant youth.

Just a heads up though: if you do sign up for one of their workshops, be ready to be transformed, enlightened, and challenged to go deeper in your work as an educator. They will get you to think, plan, and develop ways to work with immigrant students in entirely new ways!"

Joanna Yip, ENL Instructional Specialist, New Visions for Public Schools

"When I first met Daria, I was immediately struck by the depth of her vast and expansive knowledge about how to effectively educate newcomers. Her grasp of the content coupled with her understanding of sound pedagogical strategies for teaching adults was, to say the least, impressive. When you sprinkle on top of that her warm, open, and professional disposition, you’ve got magic."

Leslie Plettner, Founder, School Solutions Collaborative, LLC